James A. Alarie
G-3391 N Genesee Road
Flint, MI  48506
United States of America

Objective:  To constantly acquire more knowledge and the ability to use it wisely in a job I enjoy doing.

Project areas:
   Temporary manager of Management Informations Systems.
   University Budget Accounting, Admissions, Financial Aids, Registration and Records, Institutional Research, Security.

Work History:
   I worked for the University of Michigan - Flint while taking classes as a part time student-assistant computer operator.  After graduation I began full time work in the administrative area with the following titles:

    Systems Analyst           07-01-1980 to 04-02-2007
      Programming and maintenance of the operating environment and systems of user programs.
      Supervisors:  S. Arnst, K. Conover, Dr. V. Lotfi, B. Shanerberger, R. Babiarz, D. Horning, Dr. L. Min
    Acting Manager of M.I.S.  08-14-1978 to 12-31-1978
      Supervisor:  Dr. A.M. Melnick
    Programmer Analyst I      02-01-1978 to 07-01-1980
      Complex programming and analysis.
      Supervisors:  Dr. A.M. Melnick, E.H. Witkow
    Programmer II             09-01-1975 to 02-01-1978
      Mid-level programming for user routines.
      Supervisor:  E.H. Witkow
    Procedures Analyst        09-01-1973 to 09-01-1975
      Documentation and programming.
      Supervisors:  E.H. Witkow, C. Tibbits
    Data Analyst              01-01-1972 to 09-01-1973
      Small, independent user programs.
      Supervisor:  M.E. Cox
    Keypuncher III            12-13-1971 to 01-01-1972
      Data gathering and entry.
      Supervisor:  M.F. Jensen

    Independent study in HTML, JavaScript, Perl, and CGI.
    Oracle classes beginning in October 1996 and leading to the Oracle Master in Application Programming in Fall 1998.
    Computer Programming and Statistics classes at UM-Flint in the Fall of 1973.
    BA degree from UM-Flint in Spring 1971 with emphasis on Science, Math, and Education.  Full scholarship from General Motors.
    Graduate from Kearsley High School with high honors.

Languages / Machines / Operating systems:
   COBOL, FORTRAN2, FORTRAN4, PIL, Basic, PDP8 machine language, IBM360/370 assembler and machine language, Info-Basic, C++, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, XML.
   IBM 360/67, IBM 370/158, Amdahl 470/V6 through V8, Four Phase, Harris RJE, IBM 3090, Prime 650 and 9955, IBM PC.
   MTS, DOS, OS, MVS, Primos, Windows, Unix, Oracle.

   I have helped bring on-line and maintain five RJE stations:  IBM 2780, Four Phase simulators of IBM 2780 and 3780, Cope, and the Prime simulator of HASP work-station.
   I was solely responsible for preparing the Prime as an in-house processor and for writing our on-line registration system.
   Beginning in 1985, I helped install and then worked with the Datatell DBMS called Colleague.  I was part of the task team to replace this system with SCT's Banner based on Oracle.